SouthWest Florida Bible Institute, Inc. offers a valuable ministry service and opportunity to the Christian seeking to advance his or her knowledge of the Bible.

Accreditation with National Bible College Association means that all the schools associated with NBCA will accept all course credits from SWFBI and we will accept all their course credits as well.

For a list of schools in NBCA go to


  If you are planning to go into ministry or on to a Bible college or seminary it would be best to talk with your denomination headquarters or Bible school to determine if courses from SWFBI are transferable or accepted in your denomination.

  Though we offer excellent courses and our Instructors are very well educated some Bible colleges, seminaries, and/or denominations may not transfer our credits.  This is not unusual as most schools that charge tuition do not give credits away readily.

  Also, some denominations want their ministers to have certain course work and academic credentials specific to their denominational views.  Speak with your local pastor, denominational headquarters, or Bible college/seminary for clarification.