About Us

Southwest Florida Bible Institute offers an Associate degree and a Bachelor’s degrees as well as Auditing classes for those who do not want to pursue a degree and Continuing Education Units (2 CEU’s per class) for Christian school teachers to meet their ACSI Bible standards.

The Bachelors degrees require 120 credit hours which is 40 courses of 3.0 credits each.

Our Associate degree requires 60 credit hours which is 20 courses of 3.0 credits each.

Upon completing the Associate degree all 20 courses (60 credits) will automatically be granted into the Bachelor’s degree program if the student wishes to continue on in his or her studies.

Students pursue their degree at their own pace. There is no deadline to completing a degree program. A student may begin his or her studies at the beginning of any of the two Semesters (August or January) or any of the four Quarters (August, October, January, March).

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Southwest Florida Bible Institute is a non-denominational Institute and is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors who want to see the Word of the Lord taught and spread throughout the world.

Southwest Florida Bible Institute is a faith-based organization supported solely by donations. It was founded with you, the “life-long Bible student” in mind.

Southwest Florida Bible Institute Offers:

Dedicated and qualified instructors

Tuition Free

Day & Evening Classes

A Convenient Location

Find out how SWFBI can help you with Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) in Bible for teachers from Christian Schools.

Southwest Florida Bible Institute is a non-denominational 501(c)(3) institution.

We are supported by your generous tax deductible donations.