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Port Charlotte, FL 33953

School Year.

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We offer one 3 Bachelors degree and 1 Associate degree programs of study.

  • Associate in Bible (ABS) degree.
  • Bachelors in Pastoral Studies (BPS) degree.
  • Bachelors in Christian Ministry (BCM) degree.
  • Bachelors in Theology (BTH) degree.

Please refer to the "Degrees" tab on the left to download degree information.


Academic year:

  • Semester One, Quarter One: August-October
  • Semester One, Quarter Two: October-December.
  • Semester Two, Quarter Three: January-March.
  • Semester Two, Quarter Four: March-May.


Degree Requirements:

  • Students must pass all courses with a minimum of 60% average grade.
  • Completed all required course work for grade as determined by the Instructor.
  • Attend a all classes for each course. (Allowances are made for excused absences.)


  • All courses are Tuition Free.
  • To receive a Certificate  the student must successfully attend (audit) as many classes as possible.                                  
  • The certificate students are not required to do the testing, papers, or other class work required by the Associate degree students. 


Continuing Education Units (CEU's) for Christian school teachers.

      Students will be given 2 CEU's for each class taken.