SWFBI does not sell or supply books
(unless otherwise noted) for the courses.
The student is responsible for purchasing required text
at his or her own expense.

Christian Book Distributors (

go to your favorite Christian on-line or local bookstore for best selections.

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NOTE: Book lists will be added for the other quarters as information is available.  Professors may amend this list at the first class.  

Courses offered in 2017-2018

TH101 Suffering and Brokenness in the Christians Life
TH201 Theology I
TH202 Theology II
TH301 Bible Study Methods
TH401 Relevance of Creation
TH501 Hermeneutics I CANCELLED
TH502 Hermeneutics II CANCELLED
TH601 Understanding the Trinity

OT101 The Book of Esther
OT201 Genesis chapters 1-11
OT301 Ancient Civilizations I
OT302 Ancient Civilizations II
OT401 The Jewish Roots of Christianity
OT501 The Tower of Babel and the New World Order
OT601 The Book of Daniel
OT701 Ancient Egypt in the Bible CANCELLED
OT801 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (Language)
OT802 Biblical Hebrew I (Language)

NT101 I Corinthians
NT201 Disciple Making
NT301 Ministry Leadership
NT401 The Life of Christ
NT501 I, II, III John, Jude
NT601 Reaching America in the 21st Century
NT701 Two Tremendous Archaeological Discoveries

GS101 Christian Foundation for America's Political Philosophy I
GS102 Christian Foundation for America's Political Philosophy II
GS201 The Unseen Realm
GS301 Public Speaking- This course is FULL and no more new students will be admitted to this course.
GS401 Apologetics