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Registration is now open for 

2018/2019 2nd Semester Quarter 4

To Register for courses you must first be enrolled as a student through Praxi School.  

To enroll as a student, click on the link below.  Once your registration has been accepted, you will be notified and able to register for classes.  

NOTE:  All students, degree and audit, must register in order to attend any SWFBI classes

New Student Enrollment
2018/2019  2nd Semester
4th Quarter  March 18th -May 17th, 2019


Monday 10:00 am
OT1100  Habakkuk & Malachi Prof. Coleman

Monday 7:00 pm
GS1222  Pastoral Epistles Prof. Conklin

Tuesday 10:00 am
TH105  Introduction To Christian Apologetics Dr. Scafidi

Tuesday 7:00 pm
GS1111    Modern Israel in History & Prophecy  Prof. Schilstra

Wednesday 10:00 am 
NT1223  Book of Ephesians   Dr. Lindow

Friday  10:00 am
OT802  Hebrew I    Prof. McConnell

You may also register for classes by printing out the registration form and mailing it to the Institute.  However, all students must still be registered on the Praxi School system.